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Well let’s get the fact right, we are all busy people but we all love to connect with more people. If you want to get in touch with me, the fastest is to email me, don’t have my email address fill the form below.

You can also talk to me on twitter if you are ready for 140 character conversations, follow me on instagram, or like my page on Facebook and message me from there, but email works best for me.

I am not going to be putting up my email id or my phone number here, but it is not too hard to find these details out.. a bit of patience and a good search engine will help you find these details.

When you write to me, make sure your message is precise, it lets me know why you want to be in touch with me, and how I can be of help

1. If you want me to review something – say it clearly. I am not doing technology reviews any more, so please excuse me from those PR mails and calls.
2. I don’t really do restaurant reviews, but I don’t mind coming over for a meal to check out your new place
3. I accept speaking assignments, conference moderation and have been known to be an entertaining speaker, if you are looking for me to speak, please make sure you mention the dates clearly
4. If you would like to work with me on one of my social projects or join my rotary club, let me know which and how can you participate.
5. If you want a job in any of my companies – this is not the best place to write to me.
6. If you hate something I wrote or tell me that I write bad – be my guest, but make sure you mention this clearly.
7. I do not do interactions, I like speaking to people and meeting them, but I don’t write interactions in my columns, so please avoid calling me for these. When I was writing, I did not do Interactions as a part of my columns.

I try to answer all my mails the same day, but depending on how much I am travelling and how busy I am on that specific day, these can take a few days delay too.

Oh yes, in case you want to buy a cellphone, a camera, or a gadget – I may not respond to emails and queries like this as they all tend to be repetitive, there are enough buying guides out there, and my columns in the Open Magazine and the Hindustan Times more or so cover the latest launches and what to buy. You can still read my old articles, but then there are so many reviews all around now.

You can also connect with me at LinkedIn – but make sure you have a clear message to me on why I should connect with you professionally..

Sounds like a tough choice.. well I am trying to save you time and save myself time.. I am not bitter.. just blunt. So here is the Form, finally!

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