My Hero 616 Doctor Edition

I have always been really fond of stationery, I love Pens, Pencils, Pen Holders, Sharpeners, Erasers, Post It Notes.. I don’t love to store them, I love to use them. The joke between me and Harpreet, is that I can’t cross a stationery store without stopping bye to pick up something.

So this is a long term blog post that has been pending in my to-do list (I use Wunderlist, just in case you wanted to know), so finally here it is. I have always loved the Hero Pens, they wer my favourite when we were at school, and the only way to get them was when someone was visiting Kathmandu, Nepal in those days. Since after school in Delhi and shifting cities, I lost quite a bit of my pens – I can also say I was not to careful about keeping them safe, the Hero 616 was always on my Wishlist – not that it costs a lot of money, but something I thought I will buy somewhere later.

Finally the other day I spotted this on Amazon, I just had to go ahead order it. The price was interesting, Rs. 199 and it came with a free delivery, a few days later the Pen was at my office.. Waiting for me to unpack it.. but as I said – this blog post has been long coming, so I had to wait till I got the time to open it, take a few pictures, and then write about it.


I bought the Hero 616 is Green Color -It reminds me of the Pens that Doctors used to use when we were younger, when fountain pens were all around – well for me, fountain pens are still around, a lot of my colleagues, friends, geeks use these. It came in a simple blister packing, with the Nib Open – making me worry if the Nib would have survived it’s journey from China, to India and from the Warehouse to my office – but that was just about it – only a worry.


I cracked open the Blister packing and was holding the pen, realising it’s very light weight, I had removed the cap from the back and the pen felt weightless in hand. I was keen to get my hands dirty and start writing with it, unscrewed the bottom and suddenly realised – oh it comes with a fitted pinch and fill type ink reservoir. I could have removed this and used the body as an ink holder, but then what made me worry was – do I have any ink – I have largely been using cartridges for sometime now.

A quick run through the cabinet, revealed an old bottle of Quink – Royal Blue by Parker Ink Bottle, well good to start with, so filled up the pen and I was ready to go, now was the time to get writing with it.

The first thing that I usually do with any pen or Ink is make some patterns, write a few lines, and test out the ink dryness time – it is a good idea to know what this pen can and can not do, and what the ink qualities are. I have been a big fan of Moleskine notebooks, and usually use these in my day to day writing (I never give up a chance to pick these up when travelling abroad or in a sale), and the one that I am using right now is a Art Plus Sketchbook, Large, Plain with a Red Hard Cover.


So this is what I feel overall about the pen, now one has to remember that this is one of the cheapest fountain pens I have (from a price perspective, so my thoughts maybe a bit harsh) – I did not find a choice between nibs, and got the fine version – I am more of a Medium guy when it comes to Fountain pens as I love the Ink flow, also the Parker / Quink I was using is about 13 years old (yes the bottle has the manufacturing date of 2003) so can’t say if this was what caused some of my reactions.. but here they are


The pen is very light, and needed me to post the cap on the top to get a better feel, I like that I have the option of a very light weight pen and a post that adds considerable weight balance to it. The Green body looks lovely, and made of a light weight plastic feels durable. I did not feel at any given time that I will break the barrel on number of screws/unscrews to fill the ink. though I am not to big a fan of pinch and fill barrel systems, this pen restricts me to that – I am not sure if I want to try a cartridge on it. The cap sits nicely and snugly on top – but each time I put the cap on – there is a light click of a sound – that makes me feel I broke the nib, but no.

The nib feels a bit tough to write with and takes a bit of getting used to, but the ink flow is consistent, and the patterns come out nicely. The ink I am using in the pen currently takes about 5 to 8 seconds to dry, and is visible in the writing test.

Overall, I am really happy owning this Pen – it has been on my Wishlist for a long time, and I am enjoying using it through this week. The clip, though reminds me of Parker Pens – not sure if there is a connection here.. something I need to figure out.

All photos in this article clicked using the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, in New Delhi