Malabar – A Hidden Gem in Gurgaon

At a recent press conference, Prasanto ji and I were talking of food, when he mentioned about this hidden Gem in Gurgaon. He said since we are spending quite a bit of time in Gurgaon, and we are all foodies, I must go check this place out… a follow up message mentioned the place is called Malabar and is bang opposite the Medanta Medicity there… the must have as per Prasanto ji was the Beef Roast with Appam’s and I was ready to jump on to head to gurgaon immediately – Yes I eat Beef.

Yesterday with meetings aligned for Sprout Box and some of our new Startups who will be using the space as we go live, we had a very long day… The morning had started with the left over from Instapizza and both Harpreet and I decided to skip lunch (well actually eat a very light lunch).. so we were hungry and we told Rajeev ji that we must head out and check this place out… At about 8 PM Gurgaon had a bad dust storm going through it and power was out.. but we drove off to Sector 39 to find this place.. I had seen a couple of pictures on Zomato and knew what I was looking for.. and the Google Maps marker was accurate.. we finally found the building on a nondescript road, surrounded by Pharmacies, a Gym, some Cows and Even 2 South Indian Grocery stores.. evident that this was an area which had a number of South Indian Families so we will get good food.


The Tiny little place stands out thanks to it’s two bright boards, and we entered, there are about 8 tables inside, 2 Small Window Air Conditioners on one side of the building and 2 or 3 Fans. We had a Table available for us and the owner was courteous enough to have us seated. Since Beef is not clearly visible on the Menu Card, we asked him what was written in the local script – and he said this was Beef – and if we were sure we wanted it.. a yes from Rajeev and Me, and he read out all the Dishes.




We ordered a Beef Roast, a Beef Fry, a Veg Stew, and a Couple of Appam’s. The Owner asked us if we wanted to start with 2, and we said – hey it’s 3 of us.. let’s get three.. only to realise what we had done later.. Rajeev ji was also in the mood of Fish, so we ordered a Fried Mackerel. We were informed that order will take about 10 – 15 minutes and if we wanted to drink something. The only things on offer was Bottled Water, a Mountain Dew, and A Mirinda.. No Soda, No Juices, nothing…


Our food started arriving on the Table. We had the Beef Roast, the Beef Fry and the Veg Stew Arrive First, followed by 3 Plates of 3 Appams Each.. making us realise we should have listened to him and ordered just 2. But with the Menu saying an Appam for 10 Bucks we could never have thought of this.. anyway.. Harpreet dug into her Veggie Stew while Rajeev ji and I started with our Beef Roast and Beef Fry.


When we asked if we could get lemons to squeeze on our Beef, we were told he does not have any and we should eat it the way it is.


The Vegetable Stew was delectable, with a light hint of Cardamom and Clove.. the gravy had a nice texture and there was a mix of Beans, Carrots and Potatoes in the Gravy. It went very well with the Appams.



The Beef Roast comes with a slight gravy and was delectable, I am sure I am going to keep going back for this, but what was heavenly was the fluffy appams. One of the best I have had outside South India and most of my meals I am going to be calling for Appams’ from Malabar – Even to eat with Baingan Bartha at home.. He has hit the nail right, and proves the point that great food can come from the humblest of places.


Our Fried Mackerel also arrived on the Table. The Fish looked good and smelled nice. Now I know there is no way he can source fresh Mackerel in gurgaon so the fish would not be the freshest. It was fried crisp in a batter of spices and tasted well. Though the fish was a bit dry and a squeeze of lime / lemon would have helped – there was none to call…


We polished our meal in about 40 minutes.. We had a bottle of water and a Mirinda to go with our meal and it was time to leave. The Meal was great, and we all agreed to one thing – we are going to be back here to try more stuff. It was time to leave and ask for the Cheque, and it arrived, Rs. 445 – WHAT… Yes indeed, here is a copy of the bill if you doubt me.. The Meal for 3, Sorry – A great Meal for 3, the Best Appam’s on this side of the country, in the middle of Gurgaon, A Delectable Vegetable Stew, Brilliant Beef Roast… Rs. 445.. unbelievable.


Malabar has won our herts and it is not just for price.. the owner is smiling and there to make sure you feel welcome. He has great food (except the beef fry which we found to be too dry) and is missing lemons (carry your’s if you go there)… and a nice clean place to serve your food… If you are ever in Gurgaon, you need to go check this place out – Trust me you will not go wrong.

BTW, they also have an outlet in South Delhi in Friends Colony, Next to Escorts Hospital… the address for both the locations is at the back of the Menu.

All Photos in this Post were taken with the Blackberry Passport