Following One’s Passion – Dabba Meat Gurgaon

Its a few days before we launch Sprout Box, and this was one of those days where we had been in endless meetings since the morning, furniture suppliers, painters, interior designers, core team members and by the end of the day we were poofed, and just wanted some greasy dhaba food to call it a day.


Over the past few days Social Media Foodies were busy exploring new and interesting Dhaba’s in Gurgaon, and Dabba Meat had managed to stick in my mind, so we decided to go on over and check it out. On our arrival we saw a huge projector screen displaying the cricket match being played at that time – well I am not a fan of Cricket so don’t ask me what match… it got us wondering if this was a Dhaba or….anyway we knew we were at the right place thanks to the board.


It was about 10:30 PM when we arrived, and the place was empty, there were two tables on the law, and two tables inside..we chose to sit on the lawn as it was a pleasant evening, only to be bitten off by mosquitos. When we asked the server that there were too many mosquitoes the owner came running out and had his boy run to the store to get a mosquito repellent coil, signs that he cared about his customer.. signs this was a place run by passion and nothing else.


A few minutes later the owner arrived and introduced himself, he said since this was our first time over, he would recommend we eat their Mutton Dish, and not pass on that. Since we were four of us, we decided to order The Mutton Dish, a Chicken Curry, The Langar Dal and Paneer Bhurji, with Lachha Paranthas. A Bottle of Mineral water arrived on our table in time and I decided to take a stroll around till our food got ready. Inside is an open kitchen that you can peek into and see, but also the sign on how big a fan the owner is of cricket. Not only was there an additional television playing the current match, but this man also had a scoreboard of a match to match update that he maintained. Now this is called Passion.

The Owner and His Passion for Cricket

15 Minutes later the cutlery was laid out and I can tell you – I have never seen such nice plates in a Dhaba… most of the high end restaurants will also think twice before ordering these deep plates, which could double up as a soup bowl, but then you see the reason, these hold the curry well and removes the hassle of serving katori’s with it.


A Minute later our Food was on the Table, we were expecting a pour over of ghee or butter to drive the point that the food was made in Pure Desi Ghee Home, but there was none to be found. Our Dal was exemplary – tasted exactly what a 5 Dal Mix at a Lanagar is supposed to taste like. Harpreet loved the taste of the Paneer and said it reminded her of her grandmother’s cooking – can there be a better remark, and Rajeev and I loved the Mutton curry… The Chicken curry though looked very similar to Mutton but was very different both in terms of the base curry as well as the texture.

The Mutton Curry

Langar Daal

The Chicken Curry

Desi Ghee Paneer Bhurji

Overall the food was good, It was served with a Smile, it brought a smile to our face, the service was exemplary, from the owner coming in and introducing himself, to his staff making sure we were happy with the service. Between the four of us, we had 6 Lachha Paranthas, 4 Dishes, out of which we had some mutton and chicken left out for another meal the next day.

My Plate with the Chicken and the Mutton Curry

Harpreet's Plate with Daal and Paneer Bhurji

Our Total bill came to be Rs. 1370, a steal in many a ways, and some would say higher up for a dhaba, but overall a great place to hang out. The Food was not purist, but was not overloaded with Ghee too, but it lived upto the expectation we had gone there with, great taste, nice place to sit, and dhaba environments… what we came back with was learning that you can do something you are passionate about… you really don’t have to be an Engineer, Doctor, MBA, BPO worker… and just because you are not ready for your first restaurant, you can have your first Dhaba… Do what you want with Passion.. and follow it through…

Location: Opposite Hamilton Court, Galleria Road, DLF City IV, Sector 28, Gurgaon, Haryana 122002