Nanak Chinta Mat Karo – Don’t Worry Be Happy

1990, I had just gotten into the Engineering College, I did not want to be there, at-least I did not want to be in Pune, out of all the places, I was stuck in a College, getting ragged, and finding myself, an evening someone told me about the Gurudwara Sahib in Pimpri, and I found myself there sitting for the evening prayers, listening to

“naanak chintaa mat karahu chintaa tis hee hay-ay
jal meh jant upaa-i-an tinaa bhe rojee day-ay.
othai hat na chal-ee naa ko kiras karay-i.
sa-udaa mool na hova-ee naa ko la-ay na day-ay.
jee-aa kaa aahaar jee-a khaanaa ayhu karay-i.
vich upaa-ay saa-iraa tinaa bhe saar karay-i.”

it was a life changing moment for me, in sorts another of my spiritual awakenings, the bhai sahib of the gurudwara sahib not only sang the shabad in a beautiful voice, but also translated it, and put it into perspective, a story I have been telling ever since..

In Hinduism we believe that there are 8.4 million [84 Lakh] life forms, that we go through before we are given the life as a human, out of these 4.2 million [42 lakhs] are under water, neither is there a shop there, nor are there farms, but the creator himself makes sure that the life forms that live under the water, inside a stone, or under the sand have access to food, they may live for a moment, but they are born, the eat, they die… and life carries on, our worrying will neither stop it, nor change it.. what we need to do is accept his name, sing in his devotion, accept him to be our friend, our love, our everything.

Earlier today on Facebook there was a post about “Heidemarie Schwermer” which prompted me to write this and speak about this prayer

She has a wonderful story to tell, on how for the last 15 years she has lived on the principles of Gib und Nimm [Give and Take]. You can read more about it at Living Without Money and yes you don’t have to worry on how this will happen, as Guru Nanak Sahib himself said

“naanak chintaa mat karahu chintaa tis hee hay-ay”

Oh Nanak, don’t worry, worry is for the creator himself

The Full Prayer, Text and Translation of this prayer is on Page 955 of The Guru Granth Sahib

I am no one to accurately translate this, for me my faith, my spirituality is about loving god, of being with him / her, I have no name for god, but I have several, I have no place to seek god, but I have several, what I am not is religious, what I am is love, what I am is acceptance, what I am is who he made me to be. In case you find errors in my writing, my understanding or my translation, please feel free to send them out to me.

As I end this post, and write the title for it, I am reminded of Bobby McFerrin’s song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” – Here is a remix version which I hope you will enjoy and live a worry free life.