Why are we always in a Hurry?

We all read Sant Kabir ji in our schools, it is funny how we could not relate to it then, and so much later in life, he makes another comeback for me, making me fall in love with all his words, and especially the bhajan’s sung by Prahalad Singh Tipaniya ji, who I came across at a Concert in Delhi, and have been following his work closely since then. The uncanny way that Prahalad ji has about approaching Kabir, it is clear that he is in love with every word the saint spoke.

In life we come across people, who want to push and shove, whether you are standing in a queue and they can’t bear to, or you have just landed on an airport and they are all ready to jump out of the flight. We also see this closely in our professional and personal lives, there are people ready to jump, they are always in a hurry – don’t get me wrong, I was too, when I was younger, and I am too at times, after all it is our human behaviour to say “Hurry up”, but at times one has to sit back and realise that life is in living, in enjoying the company of people all around us, in listening to them, in being with them, in being in the present, and not in the future.

The immortal words of Sant Kabir ji

Dheere dheere re mana, aur dheere sab kuch hoye
Mali seenche sau ghada, aur ritu aaye phal hoye

Zara halke gaadi haakon, mere ram gaadi vale
Zara dheere dheere gaadi haakon, mere ram gaadi vale

Arrey Gaadi mhari rang rangili, pahiyan hai lal gulal
Ae ji haakan vali chail chabili, bhai baithan vala ram

Gaadi atki reth mein, bhai majal padi hain dur
Ae dharmi dharmi paar uthar gayi, papi chakna choor

Ae ji des des ka vaid bulaya, aur laya jadhi aur bhuti
Arre jadhi bhuti tere kam na aayi, jab ram ki ghar ki tooti

Ae re char jana mil matho uthayo, ni bandhi kaath ki ghodi
Arre le ja ke mar ghat pe rakhiyan, phoonk dini jis holi ni

Ae bilak bilak kar tiriya ve rove ni, bichad gayi hain meri jodi
Arre kahe kabir suno bhai sadho, jin jodi unhe todi

Please note this is my understanding of the words, from various texts and interactions with people, I am sure this is not accurate, and there can be several meanings, several ways of translating this, but this humbly is my prayer for today