Rumi, Nusrat Sahib, Bangkok & More

There is an Old line by Baba Farid, that is at the heart of my life, “Turiya Turiya Ja Fareeda, Je Koi Mil Jaaye Baksheya Taan Tu vi baksheya ja” and post each trip if I look back, there are several new people I meet, and each and everyone of them has something to give, and something to share, whether it is there simple smile, to whether it is the way they look at life, whether it is by just sharing who they are, or by someone who is rude to you, there is something there that you come back learning, come back un-learning, being a better person moving forward.

The Trip to Bangkok was a fun one, was there for the Samsung Forum 2015, yes indeed Samsung – I know what some of you would be thinking, but moving forward, and not going to technology specific, the Forum showcased how strong Samsung is beyond phones, I have always known this and have respected it, several discussions later I believe Samsung should be brining some world class audio products, and hopefully a much larger range of their home products to India, but this blog post is not about Samsung, it is about Rumi, Nusrat Sahib, Bangkok and More.

The Words, I don’t know what religion I belong to, but I know I am spiritual are finding more and more commonplace when you talk to the younger generation, one at times write this off’s saying oh they are just getting to know themselves, but a few people on this trip showed me, they indeed are spiritual, discussions around Sufi’sm are common place these days, but people quoting sacred books, how they have made a change, to finding commonality between all faiths, and saying everything is about love.

Rumi was the centre of discussion on a dinner Table on Day 1, on Day 2 while we went for a cruise across the Chao Praya River, Rumi was on the Table too, Interestingly I found Rumi’s words while waiting at the airport, and what best, Rumis’ words with a co-passenger on the way back… making me only appreciate how this trip has moved me forward in a lot of ways..

I have always believed the way we understand words changes over time, how matured we are on that date, will change the way we listen to the words, today since the morning, Rumi’s words “Na man behooda girde kocha Wa bazaar megardam” have been playing in the background, and making me realise how important my travels around the world, around our cities, around our country is to me, how important it is to meet new people, to meet people, to be … after all God can only be there, if there are two people who will talk about God.

So do enjoy listening to this wonderful Rendition by Nusrat Sahib

Na man behooda girde kocha – Wa bazaar megardam

And My Translation of these words, in my Prayer today

No, my friend No, I don’t roam aimlessly

through these streets and the bazaar’s

I am in searching for my beloved, I am after all his lover

Oh My lord, have mercy on me

I am walking around all troubled and worried.

I am the Wrong doer, I am the sinner, I am walking around wounded

I am a drunk, High on Desire

Strolling around beloved

Though I seem drunk, always on a high – I am quite sober

Sometimes I laugh, Sometimes I cry

Sometimes I fall, Sometimes I rise

With the Messiah in my heart, I take it all, I accept, I whirl

Come my Beloved, Let’s Indulge Maulana Rumi

I am the slave of Shams Tabriz, just like a Qalandar, I whirl, I roam, I travel, I wander this world

The Translation is my understanding of Rumi’s words, and whatever little I can understand. In no manner I want to say this is accurate, or to the dot, but this is the closest to what his words to me…