Abhanga, Abhayankar & Tukaram

2013, Devotion –  Music in the Park, had a wonderful line up of singers, some of them were known to me, and some  unknown, in all those surprises that the show had, was a wonderful singer, Sanjeev Abhyankar, singing Abhanga in Marathi, thanks to all those years in Pune and the Understanding of the language, I was looking forward to it, only to realise later that I was addicted to both Abhyankar’s singing as well as Sant Tukaram making a come back in my life. After all Ajit ji and I had been talking about Tukaram ji and Namdev ji on our cycling rides in the morning, and how it had impacted global thoughts of spirituality and religion. The particular words from this beautiful rendition Aatan kiothe dhaanve man (आतां कोठें धांवे मन), in times of confusion, in times where mind wanders off to far distant thoughts, thoughts of what will be, how will it be.. keep me grounded… remind me, how devotion can keep me there..

Oh my love, my lord, my mind wanders, and then it comes back, after all where can it wander, I have seen your feet, you have blessed me with your presence.

The grief, the suffering, the talk about my destiny, the questions, all disappear, leaving only happiness behind, after all I have seen your feet, and you have blessed me with your presence.

You have, embraced me with love, accepted me the way I ham, and all I can do is, chant your name from my lips, sing your praise… Oh my love, my lord.. my mind wanders… and is back.. I have been blessed by your presence.

Hey Tukaram, Vitthala is the only Truth, and he is the appropriate measure of greatness for us, come let me sing his praise, be accepted by him, be in love with him, after all he has blessed me with his presence..

आतां कोठें धांवे मन ।
तुझे चरण देखिलिया ॥१॥

भाग गेला सीण गेला ।
अवघा जाला आनंद ॥२॥

प्रेमरसें बैसली मिठी ।
आवडी लाठी मुखाशी ॥३॥

तुका म्हणे आम्हां जोगें ।
विठ्ठला घोगें खरें माप ॥४॥


Please note this translation may not be accurate, I am not an expert on this, but someone who loves to listen to spirituality discussions, listen to music from the world, and connect with god. The meaning presented here is my understanding of it, it maybe far away from what it means, but this is what it means to me, and reminds me of.