Updates, Friday 10th May 2013 with Mahindra Dealership

This week has had it’s ups and downs, just like any other week, but having a finger not working on you, depending on voice to text, to do most of your work is not as easy, but it works very nicely when you are on a Mac.


Anyway, it has been 3 Days since the Brawl with the Mahindra Dealership in Lajpat Nagar Happened, Today I thought I will take some more pictures, so we See in the First Picture, the Cars are parked outside 60 Ring Road, though they are in line, and the Traffic can move, and then you see the Cars outside the Dealership – Still parked on the Footpath, and the Bus Stop area, the Cars are washed here [Though the hose is gone, and it’s a Bucket, and people washing it], and lined up here, taking up an Area which is not a Designated parking.

Despite the Promise Made by Mr. Toophan, the CEO of Koncept Auto, Nothing has happened.

I also see  a lot of conversations on Twitter, and a whole lot of phone calls and comments poured in, Learning from these

1. I am not expecting Mahindra to Reply, I am sure they asked their Dealer to take care of this, but the Dealer is still overlooking what Civil obedience is, Mahindra & Mahindra may step in, or may not Step in, but the Dealer is making a mess of a Residential Area, Causing Bottlenecks on the Road, and using the Footpath as His Parking, removing access for people to be able to walk on the Footpath.

2. People have showered love and blessings, and have said, that they are happy that one of us stood up, there have been warnings too, don’t do this, or else I may get into trouble from well wishers, but at the end of the day, what is nice is for people to say, if He can do it, We can do it too.



2013-05-10 17.00.49 2013-05-10 17.01.18 2013-05-10 17.01.30


I will randomly keep posting pictures of Civil Dis-obedience by the Dealer [M&M], and Also Haldiram and Jagdish Store at the Ring Road, Since, the Police or the MCD is not willing to do anything, I am hoping someone will spot this, and have it fixed, the  Footpaths are designed for walking, even the MCD document about the parking [Though it says parking is not allocated] shows the Footpath clearly.