Hands on with the iPad Mini

A good friend can always come to your rescue, while we all wait for the iPad Mini to launch in India, my Dear friend Maninder Pal Singh has as always managed to get the first unit into India, and today afternoon we spent time talking to each other, looking at the iPad Mini, the iPad2, the iPad3, and a few other devices over lunch at our favourite restaurant in Defence Colony, New Delhi. While we sat there there was a bunch of ladies on the table next to us, looking amazed at the amount of gadgets we had laid out on the table, which had an iPhone4S, an iPhone5, the Fuji Film XF1, iPad3, iPad Mini, the Kindle White, LG Optimus Vu, the HTC 8x, and also the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 amongst our other day to day use gadgets, this scored us two wonderful models with the iPads in their hands and a few great pics.

The wonderful part of bumping into individuals and talking about technology at a Cafe / Restaurant / Bistro is that you can get a point of view that you have not looked at, in terms of whether they are looking at upgrading to it, do they think this is light enough, big enough, small enough, fit enough to be their next gadget, and the next 2 hours were spent on some great food, some amazing wine and a lot of talk about technology, spirituality and everything under the sun, but this post is about my first experience with the iPad Mini and what I think of it.


Now we have all heard how the iPad mini is smaller, and how Apple had earlier taken a stand that the 7″ Tablet is not something they will do and they ended up taking out a 7.9″ Tablet, I will not defend or be offensive to Apple about it, I think this is still a segment that is growing up, we have had phones that are nearing 5″ and are calling themselves Phablets (A Tablet + A Phone) to Tablets anywhere between 7″ to an upward of about 13″ (yes I have seen those too), to the iPads, which Ideally seemed very nice at 9.7″ the original size. I have been using the iPad from it’s first generation and it has managed to become my most used device, though I still went back to the Kindle to read my books as it was not only easier on the eyes, but I had a huge library there, for showing off pictures that I had taken, to my social media everything else moved to the iPad, down to this that in the last 2 years I haven’t bought myself or upgraded my laptop, I am happier moving around with a Tablet, so for me the 7.9″ was something I could not really comment about till I saw it, and when I saw it, this is what I felt


The 7.9″ or slightly smaller is a great size to have, especially if you spend too much time like me and Mainder reading on the iPad, both on the move and while in bed before you sleep so that you can catch up on the day, though the 7.9″ seemed slightly smaller for me to show case my photographs to someone or resolve issues by drawing them on a whiteboard application, the size seemed perfect for a one hand use, it also felt lighter, for using it for extend period of time.

From the specs, the display has the same resolution as the iPad 2, and it seems sharper because it has been compressed in size, the Display wins hands down when you compare it with the iPad2 and also the ladies we bumped into agreed with this point, on a personal basis, I want the iPad Mini, if for nothing else, to catch up on my reading and for a one handed use, but I still would like to continue using my iPad3, or maybe get an iPad4 to show case pictures, and do my day end office tasks.



On the design front, the new beweled edges make the device stand out, pictured above are an iPad 3rd Generation, an iPad Mini with a Kindle paper white on the top, though I believe the smaller size of the Kindle Paperwhite is still something I would love to have for my book reading, but the iPad mini is about the size that is apt for a magazine, it has an experience that is very similar to reading a tabloid, than a full news paper, handling it is easier, carrying it around is easier, and it looks pretty in your hand, without blocking your full face, the only issue is waiting for it to get launched in India and the pricing in India.


The other thing that comes to mind is the Google Nexus 7, that got announced today and I did get a chance to spend sometime with it the other day, thanks to a Blogger (Abhishek Bhatnagar) who had got one unit, the google unit does look good, but after wasting time and money on Android for 2 years, I think I would rather stick to iOS for the time being, with restrictions coming in day in and day out on iOS, it does seem that one should carry two devices, but I feel this is jut a matter of resolution and companies will eventually have all applications available across platform, after all how can one define that my application is available only on this platform, and for you to use, you will have to use this specific OS only, we are now in the Post PC era.


So what was for food, we started our lunch with a bottle each of Fruit White followed by a Spciy Red, sadly we were so busy talking and enjoying our meals that we did not pay attention to the name of the wines, after all at our favourite restaurant, we do have our Dr. Suraj to serve us, and recommend wines, what started was a French Salad, Made out of Beetroot, Fresh Lettuce, Bacon, and Red Radishes and a repeat of this, followed by an 800 Gram Steak, here are some pictures that can make you hungry.


At the end of the day, a day well spent, looking at some new tech, talking how the tech is evolving, and spending it with a friend, what better than to know, that Apple can still amaze us by doing things, and still do some wonderful things, Cheers to them, and to their Consumers like us.


And before I sign off for the day, Thanks to Maninder Who is a Great friend and has been pestering me to make regular posts, and I keep promising him that I will, let’s see how good I am on my promise in the days to come..



Overall, I will be getting an iPad Mini, it’s thinner, smaller and nicer to carry around, but I will continue to use my iPad 3rd Generation or the 4th Generation as time goes by, for now, the single handed use, and the feel of the iPad Mini has won me over, the fact that most of my accessories use a 30 Pin Connector does bother me, but then looking at that my house has an Apple TV for video streaming as well as Display Mirroring, as well as Apple Airport Express across to enable Audio and Air Play, the 30 Pin to Lightning is not really too much of a bother, except getting a few new cables.

For my friends looking at Details, all the pictures here were taken on the Nikon D600 using a 105 mm Micro F/2.8 Lens, the Reddish tinge is from the awning above, and the images were shot in RAW, and post processed in Aperture for tonal corrections.