B&O Play Beolit 12

It’s pure music. This boom box plays audio without CD trays or wires and can be controlled without any buttons @ RS. 70,000


On a full charge, it delivers 8 hours.


The box just sits there, wrapped in nothing but a perforated aluminium grille. It has no visible lights or cables. There’s just a leather strap with a button that announces the box’s B&O lineage. But look closer and there’s more. The anti-slip tray on top has four buttons. Turn it around and there’s a small door, which hides a charging cable and a USB connector, with which you can charge other USB devices.

The Beolit feels like a baby, especially when you pick it up. Switch it on, and it’s like there are musicians in the room. The whole experience is beautiful.

On a full charge, it delivers 8 hours. Using Airplay, it can link up with iOS devices and stream music wirelessly. If you’d rather use a non-iOS device, the Beolit can be linked via a 3.5 mm jack.

Setup is simple. Before the first use, you need to hook it up with a laptop and complete the Wi-Fi security protocol. You are now ready to go.

The Beolit generates sound using two 2 inch tweeters and a 4 inch woofer, and you’ll be surprised how loud it can get. You can adjust its volume by either walking up to it and fiddling with its buttons, or using an iOS device in your hand.

The Above review appeared in the Open Magazine, Issue 16, Volume 07, Dated 14th May 2012. To read the article, the side items and other brilliant articles from the Magazine, please pick up the Print Copy.



  1. Thanks for the quick review, i have been doing my rearcesh and i think you guys really just made up my mind, im going to go with an android tablet, does any one have a recommendation for which model i should get? thanks