If Life was Like That, I would be Someone Else

Self Introspection is always a difficult thing, and I recently completed both my Landmark Forum and my Landmark Advanced course, though there are days before I get into my SELP and go forward with this education, it gave me a new way to look at life, new way to introspect and see who I really am, and why I really am like this.

I came across this Ghazal by Saleem Kausar sahib recently, though it has been put to music by the greats like Mehndi Hassan Sahib, Jagjit Singh ji, to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib, this Ghazal is very complicated to translate for me, though I take a different stand on it, looking at self introspection.

A Part of Landmark Education talks about who we really our and what our Identity is, depending on who we ask about us, we will get a different answer, but which one is our real true identity?

At times we make our identity so powerful that it becomes both the creator (as we think) and the destroyer, and this is the real time, where self Introspection should start, are we the Creator and the Destoryer.

Self Introspection, will lead to Self Realisation, eventually being able to make your mind body and soul one, or achieving a spiritual state, of one-ness.

I am not sure what Kausar sahib thought of when he wrote this, and I would love to hear another view point to this, some say it is a love song, some say it is a prayer, and for me…..

main khayaal huun kisi aur ka,
mujhe sochta koi aur hai

sar-e-aa-ina mera aks hai,
pas-e-aa-ina koi aur hai

main kisi ke dast-e-talab men hoon
to kisi ke harf-e-duaa mein hoon

main naseeb hoon kisi aur ka
mujhe maangta koi aur hai

tujhe dushmano ki khabar na thi,
mujhe doston ka pata na tha

teri daastaan koi aur thi,
mera waqaya koi aur hai

kabhi laut aaye to poochna,
sirf dekhanaa ba de gaur se

jinhe raaste mein khabar hui
yeh raasta koi aur hai

ajab aitbaar-ba-aitbaari ke
darmiyaa hai zindagi

main karib hoon kisi aur ke
mujhe jaanta koi aur hai

vahin munsifo kii rivaayate
vahin faislon ki ibaaratein

mera jurm to koi aur tha
per meri sazaa koi aur hai

teri roshni meri khad-o-khaal se
mukhtalif to nahin magar

tu karib aa tujhe dekh loon,
tu vahi hai yaan koi aur hai

jo meri rayaazat-e-neemm-shab
ko saleem subha na mil saki

to phir is ke maani to yeh hue,
ke yahan khuda koi aur hai

My Understanding

Ask someone, they will say I am a different person, than what I think I am
The person in the mirror is not the person behind it.

Some one desires me by holding my hands, someone else has me in their mind and in their prayers
I am with someone, but some one else asks for me to be with them

You don’t know who your foes are, and I don’t know my friends
Your Destiny was something else, but the reality is very different

If I ever return, do Ask, Don’t stare at them
who realised on the way, that this way leads somewhere else

Between What and Who I trust is life, I am close to someone, but someone else is close to me

There are discussions by people, and then there are decisions
I did something else, but am being blamed for something else

Your light is no different than what my image is, but
come near me, I want to see, are you the same or have you changed

When my prayers at night, could not see the light of the day
Then I finally had to agree, That God is someone else only

Rendition by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib

Rendition by Jagjit Singh ji

and The Rendition by Mehndi Hassan Sahib