Nikon D4

A camera so fast and versatile that anyone can capture that perfect moment
DSLR | 11 fps shutter speed | 1080p HD movies at 30 fps @ Rs. 324,950
The D4 can also shoot full HD 1080p movies at 30 frames per second.

The D4 can also shoot full HD 1080p movies at 30 frames per second.


The D4 is Nikon’s latest professional DSLR. It is based on the same FX format as the D3 (which has a sensor the size of a 35 mm film), but boasts a new 16.2 megapixel sensor. It also has the Expeed-3 image processing engine, which delivers images and videos with amazing clarity, without compromising speed.

The first thing you notice about this camera is how fast it is. The super fast shutter can shoot 11 frames per second (fps). In fact, in continuous shooting mode, the camera sounds like a machine gun. It uses new format XQD cards to store images, and its shutter is made of carbon fibre. These two features enable it to shoot fast and record images with incredible clarity.

The D4 includes a 2-axis virtual horizon indicator so that you may align the images horizontally. For connectivity, it has HDMI, Ethernet, and can accommodate an optional wireless transmitter. Plus, it has a simultaneous Live View output, so you can see all the action on an external monitor too. In time lapse mode, it can speed up the action 24–36,000 times. The ISO range is from 50 to 204,800, which helps capture fast-moving subjects.

The D4 can also shoot full HD 1080p movies at 30 frames per second. And, if you so desire, it can simultaneously shoot still images of up to 2 megapixels. Another useful tool is its audio level indicator. It pops up on screen as soon as an external stereo microphone is plugged in, and is useful for controlling sound levels while recording.

With its speed, versatility and twomemory card slots, you won’t ever miss the perfect moment while clicking photos. Of course, if you don’t use this power wisely, you could end up wasting hours later on—trying to find that perfect moment amid hundreds of images taken earlier.

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