Cafe’ Trails in NCR

A Cafe’ for me is a place you can go sit down with a couple of friends, chit chat, enjoy some great things to eat, and get something to Drink, sadly the Cafe’s in Delhi from large Chains, such as the Cafe Coffee Day, Costa Coffee, and the Gloria Jeans, fill the gap, but serve bad coffee, and may not be the friendliest of places. With so many new age entrepreneurs getting into the cafe’ business and Delhi blooming with stand alone coffee shops and restaurants, I thought why not look for cafe’s that will give you a place where you can enjoy some good quality eats, a great option on drinks, a warm and friendly staff, as well as a welcoming atmosphere, they could be a street side joint, that is famous, for it’s food, or something that’s run by a large chain, but focussed at these things.

So about Mid march, I started looking for places, called it the Cafe Trails in NCR, and sent out a message on Twitter, in case you are interested in Joining me for a Cafe Trail in NCR, ping me on twitter @thebiggeek and we can plan something.