You Are My Life – My Everything

I am not sure of the Origin of this Ghazal, neither am I sure if it has it’s roots in Sufi’sm in any manner, but this Ghazal has always reminded me of my love for God, and his Creations..There are two beautiful versions of this Ghazal being rendered both by the Ustad of Qawalli, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and by the Ghazal Maeastro Ghulam Ali Sahib himself.

The Rendering by Ghulam Ali Sahib


and the Same Ghazal by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sahib



and the Words (In Roman English)

Gham hai ya khushi hai tu, meri zindagi hai tu

Whether you are sorrow, or happiness, you are my life.


Aafaton ke daur mein, chain ki ghari hai tu

In the troubled times, you are my moment of relief


Meri raat ka chirag, meri neend bhi hai tu

The light (lamp) of my night, you are my sleep too


Main khizaan ki shaam hu, rut bahaar ki hai tu

I am the Evening of Autumn, You are The Spring of my Life


Doston ke darmiyaan, vajh-e-dostii hai tu

Between Friends, You are the Reason of Friendship


Meri saari umr mein, ek hi kami hai tu

In my whole life, I can never have enough of you


Main toh vo nahin raha, haan, Magar vohi hai tu

I am not the same, But yes, you are the same


Nasir is dayaar mein, kitna ajnabi hai tu

Oh My Helper in this Home, How we have made you a Stranger


This Song has always evoked love for the lord from me, how we over time become strangers, or think he is a stranger, without realising, he is a part of our every moment, when we are sad, he brings us happiness, when it’s autum, he comes in as spring, when we are amongst friends, he is there sitting besides us, we change, but he does not, what better way to love your loved ones.