[Delhi] Chowringhee at Satya Niketan

Chowringhee at Satyaniketan


Me and the Mrs. (meangeekchick) were coming back from a Meeting a couple of days back and had stopped at Satya Niketan to grab something to eat, we saw amazing number of cafe’s, lounges and street food stalls there, and had decided that one of these days, for an evening snack we must try out the places here. Today on our way back from a meeting, we decided to hop on over to Satya Niketan, and wanted to try the Kathi Kebab’s in the Market. Though there are nearly 20+ Vendors here, who will sell you a Kathi Kebab, but Chowringhee was the name I had heard from a Few Friends, and We stopped buy to check it out. At around 4PM on a sunny afternoon of Delhi, the Neon Lit Board was calling us, and the huge board with all the menu items (most of them non vegetarian also called me), but for those of you who remember, Mrs. is a Vegetarian, now she does not mind eating an Egg, but that is strictly what she will eat when it comes to anything other than Vegetarian Food.


The Neon Lit Board

Long List


So the Mrs, chose the Chilly Paneer, Yes the Vegetarian Chinese Variant (Rs. 80) and I choose a Mutton Keema with Egg (Rs. 70) and started to wait, knowing in our hearts that this may just turn out to be  a dis-appointment, we waited in the queue for about 15 minutes before we got our kathi rolls, catching up on conversations and looking at people, friends sharing and discussing food.


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Both our Kathi’s Arrived, Here is what the Chilly Paneer Looked Like

Chilly Paneer Kathi Roll


And this is what the Mutton Keema Looked Like


Mutton Keema and Egg Kathi Roll


The Paneer turned out to be Surprisingly good. The Mix of spice and sweetness balanced with a very crispy roti, made it taste wonderful, and I would not mind going back for it. Though the paneer was very Chewy (meaning a bit old and not fresh), but still the roll tasted well. While the Keema roll was way too sweet, the mix of Tomato Ketchup and Mint Chutney did not really work for me, also the Keema was too low in Quantity for it to really impart taste. The added egg meant a bit more of frying of the roti, and that made a slightly bitter taste from the over cooking of flour come into the Kathi.


Over all, if you want street food in a jiffy, and want something to fill up your tummy, and not really bother about how Great it tastes, Chowringhee does a good job, they even have a Sheesha and Pool Cafe, a Shop that Deals in Properties, and just in case you are dating that good looking girl from college, there is even seating in there.

Average Damage for 2, Including a Cold Drink: Rs. 200

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Location: Satya Niketan Market, Right opposite Venkateshwara College Main Gate


  1. Hi..

    Dont need to go there 2nd time if you wanna have their food.. they have their other branch @ Amar Colony Market too..

    Enjoy eating..