Ali Ali Dum, Ali Ali – Kailash Kher Spins Another Magic

Here is a Wonderful song I came across today. I have been Very fond of Midival Punditz from the time they came out in 1997, and Kailash Kher is a great favourite of mine. Though to a certain few people this may not look like / hear like a Sufi Song, but come across as what the Hindi Music Folks now call Sufi, but give it a listen, it is actually a beautiful song, rendered in a brilliant manner, and the words can make you think..

Here go the lyrics in Hindi, as much as I can manage

अली अली दम अली अली दम
दुनिया विच वस तू ही तू
मेरा जिस्म वी तू, मेरी जान वी तू
तूध बिन जीना ते मौत भली
मेरी धड़कन दा समान वी तू
दूरी ते नही जाँदी सही
आँख लगदी नहीं रात कॉट्डी नहीं
तू हालत मेरी वेख ते सही
तूध बिन जिंद जिंड्री लगदी नहीं

and Alternatively in English

Ali Ali Dum, Ali Ali Dum

Duniya Vich Bas Tu Hi Tu

Mera Jism Vi Tu, Meri Jaan Vi Tu

Tudh bin Jeena Te Maut Bhali

Meri Dhadkan da samaan vi tu

Duri te Nahin Jaandi Sahi

Ankh lagdi nahin raat katdi nahin

Tu Halat meri vekh te sahi

Tudh bin jind jindri lagdi nahin


My Understanding… 

Oh My Lord, There is nothing but you in this world
You are my Body, You are my Life
I would Rather Die, than not have you in my life
You are My Heart Beat
I can not stay away from you, I can’t sleep with the thought of being away from you
Please grant me your Name, Without it, I have nothing..