The New MacBook Pro

The annual upgrade of the MacBook Pro is here. It is faster and meaner, though not leaner. Reduced battery time is its only downside

Intel Core processor | 8 GB RAM | 750 GB hard drive

Rs. 69,990

The Mac Book Pro 2011 Edition

On configured-to-order MacBook Pros, you can have a maximum of 8 GB RAM and 750 GB hard drive.

Like each year, the MacBook Pro just got an update. There are no changes on the design front, but the machines now feature Intel Core processors instead of Core 2 Duo, and start with a 13 inch screen with an i5. It is good to see that Apple did not start with the entry-level Core i3. Some of the options now offered include Quad Core processors up to i7 in the 15 and 17 inch range.

A significant change is the shift to an HD webcam (720 pixel), given that more and more people are video calling from their computers. The graphics have been enhanced to include  AMD Radeon HD Graphics, but on the entry level 13 inch screens, you will be stuck with the Intel HD 3000, which is not as fast as the AMD card.

On configured-to-order MacBook Pros, you can have a maximum of 8 GB RAM and 750 GB hard drive. And if you want, there’s also the option of a 512 GB solid state disk (SSD).

It has got an array of media and card readers, yet the DVD writer is still part of this package. This could be because this machine is targeted at graphic and media professionals, who still use the optical medium a lot. Keeping the same user group in mind, its SD card slot now supports SDXC cards too, and the 17 inch model still sports the Express Card/34 slot for multiple expandability options.

Standard features like a backlit keyboard, LED backlit screens, and an aluminium unibody are still there.

But even a MacBook Pro must have its failings. The battery life of this new Mac is down to 7 hours from the famed 10 hours earlier.

The expected launch of the new operating system, OSX Lion, has not happened. As a result, the machine still ships with OSX Snow Leopard.
Still, the new MacBook Pros are up to two times faster on processing and three times faster on graphics. That kind of performance had to take a toll. Something has to give.

F1 King Power Gold India @ Rs. 17.8 Lakhs

Hubolt F1 King Power India

Hubolt F1 King Power Gold India

This watch celebrates the first Formala One Grand Prix in India, to be held this year. Only 200 numbered watches have been released. While it is a self winding mechanical movement, it has enough high-tech materials to make the F1 connection. ITs bezel is circular with many holes, representing a brake disc. The strap is made of rubber and Nomex the fabric used to make suits for F1 drivers. And it still looks great with a gold case and titanium screws. Though it is designed to go with fast cars, it is  water-resistant upto 100 meters.

Sennheiser HD598 @ Rs. 12,990

Sennheiser HD598

Sennheiser HD598

The HD598 is reminiscent of days gone by. The cream-colored surfaces and a dark wood grain effect, with a glossy metalic trim, give it a luxurious feel and also transport you to the 1970s, when it was all about sound and music and having a great time. Its special diaphragm geometry minimises intermodulation distortion and its compressed cellulose fleece ear covers, ensure that you get a total harmonic distortion of under 0.1 per cent. All this makes listening to music a pleasure on these headphones. They are designed to reproduce sounds as low as 12 Hz to such highs as 38.5 KHz. If you recall from your physics class, our ears are only designed to listen to sounds between 20 Hz and 20KHz. This range therefore ensures that every note that comes out is rendered clearly.

The above article appeared in the Open Magazine, Issue Number 49, Volume 02, Dated 14th March 2011