[Singapore] Thank you Tony – Sup Tulang

Tony, or Anthony Bourdain is now a house hold name in India, thanks to Discovery Travel and Living (Now TLC) and in one of his shows he visited Singapore (Though Singapore as he would, I would and any other Foodie would call it, is Foodie Heaven), but this Episode was special, He spoke of Sup Tulang, and I had to Had to try it.

So on my Recent Trip to Singapore, The MeanGeekChick and me decided to try out every possible Hawker center in Singapore and have some delicious food, for those of you who know, MeanGeekChick is a vegetarian and I am a Non Vegetarian, so we have to ensure there is enough food availble for both of us, though for Vegetarian people South East Asia can be a challenge some times, but then there is always the Take on the Parantha, now called the Parota or Prota and then there are always South Indian Joints that will serve you a Dosa Sambar anywhere.

Our First Stop was Tekka Center. A Hawker center in the midst of Little India, with about 100+ Hawkers here, each specialising in a dish they have been making for a long time, so it’s perfected, tastes well and is fresh every day. I wanted to get my hands dirty (read red) with Sup Tulang, unsure of what Meat is used in it but was game to try it, and wanted to get my hands on the Singapore’s take on the Parantha, the Prata.

The Sup Tulang is not for the weak hearted, the Meat is well cooked, and comes in a Shocking Red Gravy, Though you can pair it with a Prota or maybe  a Piece of Bread, but the Sup Tulang (Bone Soup) is a meal in itself. Tony though went to Golden Mile, and I was so busy eating there, that could not take pictures.

The Sup Tulang is mildly spiced, comes with a red gravy, most probably a red dye, leaving your hands red but the dye comes out easily after you wash your hands with soap, though taking it out from under your nails, well that is another story.

I coupled my Sup Tulang with a Sugarcane Juice and the Sugar cane juice tasted nice but was more lemony than I would like, the ones in India are too sweet but this was refreshing for the hot day we were there.

While MeanGeekChick tried her hands at the Protas, and chose to get an Onion and Egg Prota (Well you read right, she is a Vegetarian but eats eggs). The Prota comes bundled with a Mutton Curry, which tasted nice, and went well with the Prota (after all I was the only one eating it). Pair it with a Diet Coke and you have a Great Meal.

The Prota is crisp on the outside and soft centered on the inside. We had a fun time chatting up with the Prota maker and what all we should see in Singapore, a nice guy to meet if it’s your first trip there, and you are still wondering where and what to eat.

Some Pics from the Tekka Center, Little India, Singapore