Bi-Cycle Gears and How to Use Them

On our First 20KM Ride, both Deep Pal and I got into a challenge of going up the Fly Over at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, it seemed like an up-hill task, and we just could not understand the Gears. We did understand that the gears would help us go over the fly over easily but how, was a Question. A few searches later in the day, on Youtube and around the Internet got me to these videos




and a basic understanding of the Gears.. Post the ride on the following few days, this is how I came to understand the gears on the bicycle.


Front Gear 1 / Rear Gear (1 / 2 / 3)

Front Gear 2 / Rear Gear (3/ 4 / 5)

Front Gear 3 / Rear Gear (5 / 6 / 7 / 8)


The GT has 24 Gears, i.e 3 in the Front and 8 in the back. Today finally used the gears properly and we have now started doing distances of about 20KM every day, rides look interesting, but coming back to calculate what distances we have done is taking a bit of time.

The GT is doing well and now I am off to Singapore for a holiday, I just bought a book called Delhi “Adventures in a Megacity”, by Sam Miller, hoping to read it on my trip there, and coming back with a Few rides planned for me and Deep Pal to ride.

We also joined a Group called Delhi Cyclists, run by Gaurav Wadhwa, and by now have picked up a few more things for the bike, Vioo LED’s a Red and White so that the bike is visible with these blinking lights, a spare tube in case we get a flat, and a Stand for my bicycle (sadly Track and Trail on the day of sale of the bi-cycle did not have a side kick stand for the GT).

Both Deep Pal and I have decided that if we want to take this forward, we need to start riding with other people, Delhi Cyclists rides only on the Weekends, so we decide let’s get our group in place.


  1. The answer is in the title. CLUTCH PROBLEM. The ctlcuh is not fully disengaging. This can be caused by a wore out ctlcuh disc, ctlcuh master cylinder or ctlcuh slave cylinder.