Bose Lifestyle 235

There’s more to sound than your count of speakers and wattage, and the 235 proves it

2.1 system | Gemstone ES Speaker | built-in AM/FM tuner

Price: Rs. 1,63,013

The 235 also comes with a built in AM/FM tuner, and a control console that lets you connect up to 4 HDMI sources and 2 HD audios.

The 235 also comes with a built in AM/FM tuner, and a control console that lets you connect up to 4 HDMI sources and 2 HD audios.

When Bose announced its first 2.1 system in India, 5.1 channel audio systems were already a rage. Ergo, people dismissed it without giving it a try. Then, some did give it a try. And most of them found that the 2.1 could produce richer sound than the 5.1s those days. The story is set to repeat itself now. While 7.1 channel systems are in the market, Bose has launched another 2.1 system—the Lifestyle 235. And it too can beat many of the latest gizmos silly.

While buying high-quality speakers or upgrading a home theatre system, the things to look out for in the speakers and system are: ease of use and maintainance, ease in wiring it up, and of course great sound quality. If it is only quality-of-sound that you want, then the number of speakers or their wattage should not be too big a consideration.

What the 235 lacks in number of speakers, it makes up for by employing a number of proprietary Bose technologies. One such is the Gemstone ES Speaker array. Here, each speaker array has three drivers (speakers for normal speak), out of which two face forward (towards the listener), and one is positioned to the side to throw sound in a manner that it surrounds the listener. If this speaker arrangement were tried with any other system, there would be a delay between the two sounds— resulting in an echo. Bose, therefore, precisely controls the sound from all the ‘drivers’ so that all sounds reach a listener simultaneously—using its TrueSpace Digital Signal Processing.

Anyone who has used a high-end audio system knows that the system needs to be customised for each room—incorporating its size, shape and even the furnishings. The 235 does this with an automated engine.

The 235 also comes with a built in AM/FM tuner, and a control console that lets you connect up to 4 HDMI sources and 2 HD audios. It also has video upscaling capabilities, so that you can upscale your standard DVD content to 1080 p. Besides the stereo speaker arrays, the Accoustimass Module gives Bose systems their unique edge.

Western Digital 3TB @ Rs. 10,999

Western Digital 3TB

Western Digital 3TB

Even though Western digital’s 3TB External Hard Disk is not the first 3TB hard disc drive (HDD) in the market, it sure is attractive at this price point. And because it comes with a USB 3.0 interface, which is at least 10 times faster than USB 2.0. For about Rs. 11,000 then, you can store 360 high definition films or 750,000 songs or 600,000 pictures at high quality. That would have been too good to be true, if there was nothing else to it. But there is. If your PC is not USB 3.0 compliant, you will have to read and write all of that 3TB mountain of data at USB 2.0 speeds, which could take ages. Worse, while other HDDs come with three or even five-year warranties, this WD offers only two years.


Bvlgari owns the brand Daniel Roth. But this is one of the first watches to be co-branded. It has sapphire crystals on its front and back, so you see not only the movement of its tourbillon but the entire Calibre DR780 and all its movements. The watch has a 64 hour power reserve, as well as a power reserve display on the back. Also, at 3.48 mm thickness, it is one of the slimmest tourbillons around today. Though it has a sapphire back, the watch is water resistant upto 30 m.

The above review appeared in the Open Magazine, Issue 46, Volume 02, Dated 21th February 2011