The iPad Turns 1

I remember when the iPad was announced, people had enough variants about what it would look like and what it would be called, but finally when Steve Jobs got up on the stage and announced the iPad it was like magic, every geek in town and every wannabe geek wanted it, there were people ready to queue up the same night across Apple stores to get their hands on it, but we had to wait, a bit more before we could actually own one.

For a few lucky ones like me we got our hands on the first pieces way back, and were one of the first few people owning it, friends who had not seen it, wanted to play with it, some were disturbed on why we would go out and buy it, would we not want to wait for something else, after all the whole world was announcing tablets.

Here we are an year after that, as the iPad celebrates it’s first Birthday and on the eve of it’s Launch in India, well timed (well debatable), but one of the biggest announcements to start of this year.

The iPad went on sale 3rd of April and recorded a Sale of 3,00,000 Units in the first day itself, when I ask anyone who says, why does Apple launch products late, if India has enough geeks to go out and buy 3,00,000 in a single day, the questions stop, but a new debate starts, that every one who wanted one, has one, well yes and no.

I know the number of calls I have recieved over the last 2 days, since it’s been on twitter that the iPad launch is happening on the 28th of January, and now that the prices are out, I know a bunch of eager geeks who are willing to line up to buy their shiny new toy, so what if it came late.

On it’s first Birthday, OnSwipe put up a Brilliant infographic, which I have reproduced below, and it is amazing to see, out of the approximately 17 million tablets and it’s variants sold in 2010, 90% sales were for the Apple iPad, and some of my learned friends still do not believe that Apple was right, the first time around.

In a Parting thought, as another friend and colleague @nimishdubey says “What is the point of going for the iPad when iPad 2 is around the corner?” There’s ALWAYS something better around the corner in tech, lads!


  1. better lte than never 😉 i remember some analysts saying that Apple will not sell more than 5-6 million in the whole year.. in last quarter itself they sold 7.7 million :-)