[Chandigarh] Nando’s

For those of you who know me, I will travel for food, Technology and a Lovely chat, though this weekend’s trip was more to come over and get my Dad on to an iMac (With this most of my family members are now on Apple Products), but this post is not about how and why I love Apples and Oranges but A diversion into Chandigarh (Being planned for about 2 months now) to visit the Legendary Bird, after all she / he (well what is the bird’s gender) has landed in Chandigarh, and it’s in Sector 35-B.

I was skeptic, after all @meangeekchick was with me and she is a pure vegetarian, now what would she do, at a place that is famous for it’s chicken and their hot sauces, but she was a game and we reached the place by about 12PM all ready for lunch, and about 4 hours on the road since we left Delhi, we wanted to eat.

The first thing that hits you about the place is the brilliant lighting and the way it is designed, the warmth of the place was complimented by a friendly smiling staff who was eager to have us over for lunch, so camera in tow, and hungry tummy’s we took about 10 minutes to look up what we wanted,  and the order was simple, A Chicken Steak for me, and a Veg strips ‘n Rice for her. I also wanted to have their Crimson cola after a brilliant explanation in the menu of a Coca Cola Infused with Pomegranate juice, Sugar and Lemon.

It took the staff about 5 minutes to get our food, now that was fast, it’s like they were already aware of what we wanted, the food arrived and we were ready to dive in.

The Chicken was juicy and Tender and aptly spiced though I ordered a mild version (you can always make it spicier right). The chicken came with a portion of one of the best (but a bit creamy) cole-slaw, potato wedges coated with Cayenne pepper and rice.  @meangeekchick order though called Veg Strips had chunks of cottage cheese, but it made no difference as the dish was cooked well and tasted nice. Though I will not agree to Nando’s claim of best and fresh veggies but yes they were of a great quality. Her Dish had the same cole-slaw as a side, rice, and 2 pieces of Garlic Bread, over all a decently sized meal.

The drink though seemed very small, after all for a 120 bucks a small glass of coke, with juice in it, seemed a bit expensive but tasted well. I don’t drink regular coke any more but did not want to switch this to a Diet Coke to ensure I got the right taste, and now I know what is the mocktail I am serving at my next dinner.

What we loved about the place was that though it’s famous for it’s birds, it had a lot of options for vegetarians. The portions were large and nicely done, the staff friendly (Though they love to talk in English, but could not understand anything we said, we had to finally resort to being a desi, and talk in Hindi)

Will we go back again: Yes, we are there this Tuesday when we leave for Delhi, the food, staff, and portions all ensure that the experience here is a good one. Thank you Nando’s for coming to India, now when can I expect you in Delhi ?

Declaration: I have been in love with the Nando’s Peri Peri Sauce since the first time I laid my hands on it.

Can you buy the Sauces: Yes you can, they have the whole range of their Sauces available at the counter, though the Prices in Delhi Department stores are much cheaper if you can find the sauces in Delhi, but I picked up both the Extra Hot and the Wild Herb Varieties that I have loved always, and they go oh so well with everything, the Bottles are priced at Rs. 280 each.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy the Nando’s Experience while sitting on your PC, and remember it is very difficult to keep the food waiting while you click pictures, so eventually had to dive in, maybe more pictures when I visit there next.


  1. I have also heard about NANDO in delhi. People are waiting; sorry they don’t want to wait, they are excited to drive to Nando, chandigarh.

    3 cheers for Nando.

  2. I had lunch at Nandos a couple of months. Pretty good ambience and quick service. However, I found it over-priced and the portions lopsided. For example, my single peice chicken dish had too much of rice as if to fill up the plate. Would have preferred less of the rice and more of the wedges and salad. The food was good though. My suggestion was met with a wooden face!

  3. Nando’s Chandigarh has recently launched a spicy new treat in the form of a dish called Cataplana. This mouth watering treat is sure to be a huge success for the Flavor-loving Chandigarh population. Cataplana is traditionally a seafood dish but it has been given a unique twist by the folks over at Nandos.
    At Rs 350 a dish with a recently released Designer Drink, Rosa Fresco, the Peri-Peri Cockarel is sure to get the City’s population wanting more.