LG Infinia LED

With its transparent bezel, this TV set looks more like a picture without a frame

Rs. 2 Lakhs

This TV, more specifically called the LG Infinia 47 LX 9500 3D LED TV, just draws you to it. It’s got clean lines, a transparent glass-feel bezel, and is just 3.3 cm deep. Because of its transparent glass feel bezel, the images on this screen look like pictures without a frame. And its picture quality is so brilliant that, having tested it for three weeks, it is going to be a little difficult returning now to my regular TV.
Before this TV, I did not like LCDs and LEDs too much. It is well known that their colour reproduction, especially the colour black, does not match up to high-end CRT or plasma screens. But the Infinia 9500 produced some of the deepest blacks that I have ever seen on a TV screen.
The other problem with LCD and LED TVs was their viewing angle range. Each one of them claims a 178º viewing angle; however, with most of them the picture quality deteriorates the moment you move to either extremes of this self-claimed viewing window. The 9500 is one of the few that delivers picture quality even from the edges.  Infinia 9500 also supports NetCast, with which you can browse sites like YouTube without the need of a computer. Also available is a Wi-Fi adapter in case your TV is placed where an Ethernet cable can’t reach. Like most of the TVs today, it too can read USB drives and formats such as Jpeg, Mpeg-4, and DivX.
The screen is THX certified, so that’s one more thing you can brag about. The usual HDMI and AV ports are
also there.
Now on to picking some holes. In a brightly lit room, its picture quality takes a hit. I did not like its 3D performance either. But it is not just the TV that is at fault here. 3D technology for TVs is still evolving. But if I had to spend money to buy this TV, I would go ahead and do it.

Akai Trio @ Rs. 3,295

As if 2-Sim phones were not sufficient, Akai has launched a 3-Sim (all GSM) phone. It has a small 2 inch TFT screen and a 1.3 megapixel camera. Though it has FM Radio, Bluetooth and expandable memory up to 8 GB on micro SD – it is not very feature rich. With five hours of talktime, the battery life is not great either. People who will love this phone are those who have connections from multiple GSM operators. If has a dedicated call end and call receive button for line1, but line 2 and 3 have to share the call receive button. That should not be too much of a bother because not everybody can talk on three lines at the same time. Also it looks a bit like those old Nokia phones, but this is a Trio and those phones weren’t.

TAG HEUER Aquaracer @ Rs. 79,000

As its name suggests, the mechanical movement Aquaracer is designed to be highly resistant to water. It is rated at 300 bars, so you can wear it almost everywhere. It is a simple but high performance timepiece, it’s date display being the only extra feature. There is a choice of black, blue or silver dial. And besides the steel bracelet, it is also available in a sporty rubber strap.

The above review appeared in the Open Magazine, Issue 44, Volume 02, Dated 7th February 2011