[Jaipur] Spice Court

Spice court has been on our Jaipur map for over 3 years now, the first time when we were referred to this place, we were a bit skeptical, after all a restaurant serving authentic food especially in Rajasthan which is a tourist destination is something you need to be wary off, though there are places such as Chowki Dhaani, Rawat Kachori and others that serve the local stuff, but my feeling was that the food would be toned down, the spices reduced to cater to a global audience, but I was in for a surprise.

We were asked to try out the Jungli Maas here, and that is what drives me to this place every now and then, I think I have eaten here more than 10 times in the last 3 years, imagine, I live in Delhi, and drive upto Jaipur to eat at the Spice Court.

The staff here is friendly and the place is very warm. In the afternoon getting a table is still possible without reservations but at night I would dare not go to the place wtihout a reservation. Large groups of forigeners travelling into Jaipur can be seen here, trying their hands at Rajasthani food, and even some locals, but some of the dishes come with a warning of being extra spicy and one of them is Jungli Maas.

In case you are jaipur next, and are a meat lover, do go down to the Spice Court and have a go at the Jungli Maas, remember it is not for the weak hearted.

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