This modular phone is the first Brew-based mobile handset available in India

LIKE: The variety of accessories, and its light weight, modular design | HATE: Screen resolution, lack of Wi-Fi and colour choice of black alone

Micromax, in association with Israel-based Modu, has launched what is claimed to be the lightest (55 gm) 3.5 G phone in the market—the ModuT. It is also quite compact, measuring 3 x 1.8 x 0.5 inches. Its screen is 2.2 inches with 240 x 320 pixels. Its resolution is not too great, and you may not find it attractive at first glance, but it lets you use its features with considerable ease.

The ModuT runs on Qualcomm’s Brew operating system, and this is the first Brew-based handset selling in India. The phone has a built-in FM radio, GPS, music player, and apps for Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etcetera.

The phone comes with modular accessories like a camera-fy jacket and sporti-fy arm band. The jacket can integrate a 5-megapixel camera with the phone. The arm band lets you wear the phone on your arm, so you can use it to capture exercise data, or to talk hands-free, or as a strap-on mp3 music player. Both these accessories come bundled along with the phone.

There’s also an optional ‘texti-fy’ jacket that integrates a qwerty keyboard and 5 megapixel camera with the phone.  Another optional accessory is the boosti-fy—a dock that can charge the phone and also act as a special music dock.

The phone is good, though I will not really recommend it for high-load power users. With its small size comes a small battery life. The ModuT delivers just 3 hours of talk time on a 3G network, and about 6 hours on 2G. The standby time is a good eight days, though. Its 2 GB memory card can also be upgraded to 32 GB. There’s also Bluetooth and a micro USB connector. But there’s no Wi-Fi, and, like Ford’s Model T, it is available only in black.

Overall, this is a good-looking phone, but not for heavy users.

The above review appeared in the Open Magazine Issue Dated: 15th November 2010, Issue 32, Volume 02