Chal Bulleya Chal Uthe Chaliye

Chal Bulleya Chal Uthe Challiye
Jithe Saare Andhe, Na Koi Saadi Zaat (Jaat) Pehchane, Na Koi Saanu Manne

This song, and a brilliant video rendition holds the answers to a lot of mysteries and questions to life, why do we behave the way we do, is it possible to walk away from it, can we leave our greed behind.

I think the above lyrics can mean a lot of things depending on what your mind is thinking at the moment, though the video uses the seven deadly sins to show case the song, but for me, it means a bit different.

In this world of who we are, who we want to be, and where we want to go, to perceptions that we want to create about ourselves, we have come to a point where the world is defined by the brands that we wear, the places that we eat at, the cars that we drive, and the way we are percieved, causing a lot of heartache and to some extent a lot of people killing themselves because they are not able to go up the ladder in the chain of events that we call life today.

What is important is to realise that we all end up connecting with each other for what we really are, the show off of who we are or who we seem to be rubs off over time, there are always the set of people who want to be with you, because they think this is who you are, and then there are those people, who want to be with you, for what you really are.

If we can look at each other, like Blind people do, hear each others heart, listen to what they have to say, and not see what they wear, which car did they arrive at, or what they eat, the world will be a better place, so let’s not judge people for what they look like, or we perceive them to be, let’s look at them on what they are, humans, passionate, good people, and let’s all live in a wonderful place.


  1. A wonderful message indeed Gagan! And whenever I think of these lines, Abida’s resonating voice echos deep in my heart and soul.

    – Gagandeep Singh
    A ‘softcore’ geek, conservatively funny, definitely a foodie, a Sikh by birth, a wannabe Sufi, Media professional by choice!