A Week After buying my MacBook Air 2010

It’s been a week since I got my own MacBook Air, though earlier on I had done an unboxing and a first level review on the 2nd November when the first ever MacBook Air 2010 edition landed in India, and after the official release of it last week, here is my in depth review of using the MacBook Air.

I did though raise a few questions out of these to some Apple Product people and wherever I got an answer, the answers are mentioned below

Overall Impression:  I am in love with the machine, the form factor, the instant on and the ability to carry it on it’s own, run it for approximately 3 to 5 hours and then coming back home all with a light weight and not worrying of how heavy the bag is getting despite laptops becoming lighter.

Though my iPad has now taken a back seat, as the Instant On is in the laptop, though the iPad has it’s own definite space in my daily routine, but waking up middle of the night to check on something that the office sent out an alert to, or actually starting up in a meeting, without any delay is a great feeling.

Though I can type without looking at the keyboard, but I loved the backlit keyboard on all my previous mac machines (Except my iMac) and I surely miss that feature, I also find that the smaller Function keys (though one does not use them enough) are a bit of a problem for me to get used to, after all when you are using multiple machines from Apple, you get used to a certain keyboard.

I personally did not like the white border on the Display, the previous Apple machines had moved to a black border and that looked cool, though the white does grow on to you, but to get a seamless look between, the Mac Book, the MacBook Air, and the iMac, i would have been happier to see the black border.

A lot of people ask me this question, what about the missing Optical Drive, well, let me share this, since the time I have owned this machine to now (when I am finishing this article on 20th of December 2010), I have had to use the Optical Drive twice, once was to install my copy of iWork, and the other was to get Microsoft Office on the machine (Well I am not using it, but testing it for how it is, a review later on this).

On my machines with Optical drives, I don’t really remember how many times I end up using the Optical drive, more and more data ships to me online these days, and whatever other is there is usually sent on a USB Flash drive.

The 128 GB of storage in the machine may seem a bit lower to some people, but using Dropbox, MobileMe and my Home NAS server I really don’t see the need for large storage drives on the machine any more. I agree with the kind of speeds we get with Broadband in the country, online storage is still a distant thing for most of the users, but it does work, and if you actually use a utility like Dropbox, you can always access the specific file that you want, through the web browser, work on it, and send it back to the person who needs it.