New MacBook Air

It is everything you’d expect of Apple, designwise

LIKE: The sleek design, light weight, and Instant On | HATE: SSD can’t be upgraded, you’re stuck to the one that comes with it

The new MacBook Air is every bit an Apple. The biggest differentiator of this New Mac Air is that it runs only on solid state drive (SSD) and not HDD. Its base model starts with a 64 GB SSD and the top model offers a 256 GB. It is also the thinnest Mac ever—1.7 cm at the thickest end and 3 mm at the thinnest. This new Mac Air has learnt a lot from the iPad. It too offers the Instant On feature—so that the machine is online the moment you open its lid. You don’t need to login or even boot it. There’s also a super-extended standby time of 30 days.

All the models run on Core 2 Duo processors. It may seem odd that in the days of i3s and i5s, the latest Mac should have a Core 2. But I think it works just fine.

All MacBook Air models come with 2 GB Ram, which can be upgraded to 4 GB. It’s also got two USB ports, a mini display port, headphone jack and stereo speakers. The screen resolution is as great as ever: the 11.6 inch screen supports 1366 x 768 pixels, and the 13 inch supports 1490 x 900.

Apple has also moved away from optical drives, so there is no CD/DVD drive in it. The software now comes on a USB drive. If you really need an optical drive, you’ll have to buy an external one. For connectivity, there’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the USB—no Ethernet cable in this Mac.

The battery backup is good too—5 hours on the 11.6 inch model and 7 hours on the 13 inch.

The new MacBook Air machines are expected to hit India around the middle of November this year.

The Above article was printed in the Open Magazine Issue Dated 5th November 2010, Issue Number 31 Volume 2

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