Bose Video Wave

Offers great sound and seamless connectivity with all the new entertainment boxes

Available in India after October 15 | six woofers | click pad remote

And now, a TV from Bose. And it has that vital ingredient that makes any Bose product special: cutting-edge technology. Bose has adopted its wave guide technology, the same thing that makes its speakers deliver high-quality sound, for this TV. Its six woofers produce deep low sounds. The TV is also fitted with a sound bar that comprises six mid-range and high-range speakers, and a centre speaker—all inside the TV. Even the surround sound effects will be created with these very speakers and the technology inside the TV.

Bose has ensured that this TV can be used in any house, though for an ideal sound experience, it is important to get it installed professionally. However, if you want to install it yourself, you can use the built-in AdaptIQ audio calibration system.

The click-pad remote and single-wire delivery (to the TV) are its highlights. The TV’s central console uses a proprietary Bose link to connect it to your DVD player, DTH, etcetera, and all of them can be controlled by the Bose remote control. It works on radio frequencies, so you don’t have to point it towards the TV. With just eight buttons and a click-pad area, it does much more than a regular remote handset. The eight buttons control volume, channel surfing, source change, power on/off, audio mute and video freeze. It will be available in India after 15 October.

The above article appeared in the Open Magazine Issue Dated 15th October 2010. Issue Number 28 Volume 02