So What’s Happening with Sony Ericsson

Interesting Meeting over a Nice Lunch on 24/September with the Sony Ericsson Team. Anurag Kontu (Head of Marketing) and Tammy Teo (APAC PR) travelled down to Delhi to meet a few bloggers, yes and your’s truly was invited. Though the purpose of the lunch was to see how Sony Ericsson and Bloggers could work together, it was nice fun meeting Clinton JeffAbhishek Bhatnagar, and Javed Anwar

Though all of us came out of the meeting learning more on Sony Plans to ensure that devices are available on all Operating Systems, and there is a universal approach, though as of Today there has been astatement issued by Sony Ericssons’ Chief Technology Officer Jan Uddenfeldt that there will be no new Symbian Phones, this was not shared with us at the Lunch.

Anurag and I had an brilliant conversation about the Green Heart by Sony Ericsson, and over the next few days I am going to try to get Anurag to speak to me over a Chat and share his thoughts about going green, and how Sony Ericsson is making a Difference.

What was surprising to learn was that the Green Heart Phone, Hazel, is actually capturing 30% of the Market between the 6K to 12K Priced Handsets, though it is not selling because it’s a Green Heart Phone, interesting conversation that is, but because of features and prices.

Anurag also shared that Sony has now standardized on the Mini USB Port as the charger port, so no more of those different charges amongst their lines. Another interesting fact shared by Anurag was that Sony Ericsson has now spent a lot of time and money on the new line of chargers, that actually power off (Zero energy consumption) after your phone has finished charging, or is not connected with the Charger, thus contributing more to their Go Green Efforts.

Though No one committed to the Sony Ericsson / Sony Tablet, but we did have a good conversation around it. Also the conversation turned around to why Phone Manufacturers charge a premium and or are priced higher than the competition and what defines phone pricing.

We came out of the meeting, make a few new friends, but without a scoop what is happening. Though we have a commitment from Sony Ericsson that they will spend more time sharing Phone Instruments for reviews, so soon you should be seeing’ some stuff here.

I was pretty busy catching up with Anurag, that I did not click any pictures, but here is one that Clinton Jeff, took while I was speaking to Anurag.

From Left to Right (Anurag Kontu, Tammy Teo, Vasundhra Mudgil)

We did get to play with Anurag’s own phone the Xperia X10 running Android 2.1 (Well he has an advantage working for Sony, though confirmed dates of when the Phones will come preloaded with 2.1 was still not available), Also available were X10 Mini, and the X8, which was looking pretty nice with it’s gradient blue back.