A 5 Year Old Journey comes to an End

Back in 2005, I was working on starting a Magazine, Was wondering, whether to call it Dr. Gadget, G-Spot, or Just something, and met a Wonderful person call Gautam Chikermane, who gave me a column with the then, Indian Express Estates. I did not know I had the writers spirit in me, over the last 5 years, I have worked with great people in the Indian Express Team, and some of them have moved on to setup larger ventures, and have actually got into serious technology writing. Though I still debate, do you need to be a tech, a geek like me to write about technology or just a gadget / technology fan.

Over the Past Years, my column was shifted from the Express Estates (Saturday), to the Express Money (Monday), and then to the Main News Paper on Sunday, and eventually in a pull out called Eye, which came as a supplement to the Indian Express, the wonderful part was that readers, who gave their love and adulation, and made sure I was writing for the masses, stuck along, your 1000+ mails for each of my articles that came out each week, love and affection for me, and my family has made me connect with so many people across the country.

Yesterday, on the 12th of September 2010, was an end to a Journey, Indian express is revamping, the EYE pull out into an A4 Sized Magazine, similar to other news papers, and hence now has a space crunch, I have now been asked to stop contributing to the Indian express. While I will still write for the Open Magazine, I am still unsure if I will get a News Paper Assignment.

I hope, that I will find the time and direction to stay connected with all of you, with a tear in my eye, I bid adieu to my team at the Indian Express, and my Fans, who will not get to know this, as their only source of information was the news paper.