[Delhi] Standard’s Rajma Chawal

I have been eating from this guy for the past so many years (let me count, I think since 1997), and he has till now shifted 3 places in Nehru Place, and still manages to get a line to queue up for his food, not that his prices are low, (they are but there are competitors even at this price), or he delivers, or has a large fare, the simple, good tasting food, as if it was made at your house is brilliant.

I love his Paneer Chawal, Matter Paneer Chawal, Rajma Chawal, and Palak Paneer Chawal, I don’t think he does justice to the Kadi though.

The Guy is sweet, he, his younger brother and his father all three are there, and please be paitient when you go to get your food from here, and if you are worried why there are so many people, and why there is not a lot of cleanliness, remember, I havent fallen sick in so many years eating his food, you will not too. Must try if you are at Nehru Place