[Delhi] Amritsari Meat Wala

Well in no manner is this a restaurant review, as this is not really a restaurant, but a take away, and a small dhaba. The place may not be worth a visit to have a family sit down, but in case you are in some serious heart wrenching mood to have Red Meat (mutton Keema) with Kalegi (Liver) or Mutton Keema with Mutton Pieces, you need to make sure you have eaten from Narender Kumar’s Amritsar Meat Wala.

The guy makes an awsome keema, both for lunch and dinner, and the menu is simple, Keema Meat Rs. 100 a plate, Keema Kalegi, Rs. 100 a Plate, Keema Egg Curry Rs. 60 a Plate. He has some rotis, and on some days Chicken Korma. Pleasantly surprised a Menu exists, without Dal Makhani, and the hype (Butter Chicken).

The guy starts serving at 7:30 PM in the evening, in case you reach their earlier, he will not budge till 7:30 (I had to take Keema packed to a friends house on friday, and he made me wait a cool 45 minutes, worth it, for his food).

He has this big handi (Promise, will soon update it with a picture) he cooks the keema in. The Meat Pieces, Kalegi and Eggs are all in there. He has a tandoor that serves nice rotis. He has been talked about / Written across the Media, and if you are a carnivore like me, head on, and try his Keema.

It’s well worth a visit, so let me give you the directions to the Amritsari Meat Wala. It is on the right of the Defence Colony Nirula’s. Go towards Lajpat Nagar 1, parallel to the railway track. Amritsari Meat Wala is in a corner there. You can call up 9818995844 or 9810552974 for directions.

He Does not deliver, and don’t even ask him if he does, he will tell you “SIR, ITNA TIME NAHIN HAI”

PS: Even my Mum and Dad, who are not too big a fan of non-home-cooked meat, loved his fare.