[Delhi] The Legends of India

I am always very wary of food and restaurant reviews in the magazines and News papers, when I say this, people look down at me, and say, hey you are one of those guys who run reviews, so why not trust another one, it’s just that I think food is very personal. A long time back I had come across a blog Eating Out in Delhi, I loved the concept, and wanted to be a part of it, I don’t know where they are, and what they are upto, but a few places I ate at from the Blog, were well, nothing to write home about.

A few weeks back I read a review of a New Place called “The Legends of India”, and I wanted to check it out, after all it had the man Jiggs Kalra, the man, or should I say, the Sardar behind the reason I started to cook myself, I remember his Telly shows when I was just a child, and his love for Saffron, and the spice, that he could add to your food.. Anyway, so, i thought hey, it’s a Jigg’s venture, it can’t be bad.

I went to The legends of India, on Saturday with missus in tow, after a lovely play at the IHC, and was a little taken aback, we had made reservations for 2, on a Saturday Night, 9:30, and the restaurant, was empty… I was a little taken aback, a trip to the washroom, and the non working flush, put me into thinking, am I at the right place, but by the time I was out of the Washroom the place was starting to fill up, but we still thought, let’s give it a shot, after all, it’s Jiggs.

The place has a lovely decor, and a shiny staff, all smiling and courteouslly waiting to drop in on you, even if you wave a hand (which by the way is a problem for me, cos I move my hands a lot when I talk), or you look at them, but the service was brilliant. We ordered a Raan, a Mirchi ka Salan, a Bakharkhani Roti, and a Gobi ka Kulcha. The food was preceded by a man bringing us a bowl filled with rose petals, and warm (not hot, not cold) warm water to rinse our hands, a very pleasant feeling. The apetisers (on the house, no they did not know who I am, it’s just their way of starting the dinner), were papdi, made in the most awsome manner. The food was brilliant, the Bakharkhani a bit dry, but well the food was wonderful (just a small suggestion, stay away from non bottled water).

The food down, and an hour spent, we ordered deserts, chose to have the Labbab e Mashooq (A Falooda kulfi, not that nice, but brilliantly done). I finally figured out the reason they were not choc-a-bloc on a saturday night, well they dont’ have the liquor licence, they should get it in 2 weeks (sad), but the place is wonderful

So if you think, the Indian food is limited to either the walled city, or the likes of Bhukhara and Dumpukht, you need to try out the Legends of India

Where: Connaught Place, New Delhi
Location: Outer Circle, just before the Jeevan Bharti Building
Decor: Brillinatly Done
Staff: Lovely, and appreciative
Price: Dinner for 2, Roughly 2000
Experience: Brilliant
Food: Indian

a few words before I part, the story in the start of the menu, is that about a Khumchewala, a word, you can’t really find on the Internet, but try asking your grandparents about it, and you will know, why, food here makes sense.

To know more, Legends of India Website